Stay calm, and get carried

After a disappointing placement match series (3W 7L), I ended up at about 90lp G1. But my luck finally came after that. Right now I'm on a 5-win streak and back to P4. To be fair, I was carried as support in every single game, meaning that my performance was consistently subpar. I landed perhaps 2 out of 10 hooks as Thresh, got caught and killed as Brand a ton of times before team fights even began, etc. In terms of mechanics and knowledge, there are more and more aspects that I find hard to grasp without enough practice. But this doesn't necessarily prevent one from winning games, because League is more than a skill game, and mentality matters a lot in an average ranked match.

Our paper in 2020 reveals and analyzes emotion regulation strategies players devise to manage their mentalities and deal with tilt. What we emphasize is that emotion management is a distinct category of expertise in competitive gaming; players can learn to grow such expertise to better enjoy the game, and game design can facilitate this process. In the long run, staying calm, and even positive, could help win more games, because we just need to wait for the opponents to tilt.

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