My research lies in human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, and social computing. Fundamentally, I'm interested in understanding how one interacts with, learns about, and acts with the external environment. Below are my research interests:

  • Gaming and eSports: I've been doing research on online games since 2011, mostly League of Legends because I love playing the game (hundreds of ranked matches per season) but also other games. I'm interested in knowing more about all aspects of gaming. In the past with collaborators I've worked on topics such as teamwork, self-tracking, toxic behavior, governance, progression, streaks, and streaming.

  • Culture and technology use: I seek to explore the links between technology use and its cultural conditioning. I'm interested in how "local" perspectives or frameworks could more suitably interpret seemingly confusing human-computer interaction phenomena. Particularly, my previous work has explored how Confucian values are manifested in people's practices around censorship and use of visual languages such as emoji.

  • Community and technology: I'm interested in understanding and designing technology to support community development. Emerging or distributed forms of communities engender new questions related to socialization, professionalization, and governance.

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